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Our Academy is dedicated to reducing golfing injuries, while at the same time improving your performance. Accuracy, consistency, and distance will improve. We teach, not only, the basics of golf swing dynamics, but an at-home "simple-cise" conditioning program.

"It takes more than the Biggest Big Bertha with graphite shaft and titanium head to shave strokes off your score!, and play with less PAIN!!"

Dr. Arthur Pappas, Chairman of Orthopedics and Physical Rehabilitation at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester , MA , agrees:

"Golfers should participate in flexibility and strengthening programs for the spine, back and legs before going out on the course. Professional golfers not only do this during the season but in their off season." He further says, "Many problems can be eliminated by preparing for the golf season. Sometimes golfers get help from therapists for strength and flexibility and from golf pros for the mechanics of their swings, at some point the two have to be brought together."
Worcester telegram and gazette 7/04/98

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