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At Back to Basics Golf Academy we work with you to create the best corporate outing possible. You let us know when and where you are having your event, and we handle the rest. We contact the Golf Pro, (if at a course), we get our Instructors and Doctors, equipment, lodging and travel plans together. Our golf conditioning can be for a small group all the way up to large groups. We will work with you to schedule the proper time for each group/golfer.

What a great way to make you look like a star and have your employees/clients thankful and envious of your ideas and intuitiveness.

Our educational Academy is very unique. We integrate the basics of at-home body conditioning with the basics of the golf swing, and show you the importance of both. We help to improve your game and lower handicaps by an average of four strokes. Today’s Touring Pros know the secret to shooting lower scores. Of course, equipment and talent are important, but conditioning is the "Holy Grail" of lower scores. Yes, you can do the same no matter what your handicap is now. Just think! No more sore backs, wrists, elbows, necks, or shoulders. More Tour players use chiropractors to get and stay pain free than any other doctors.

We customize a program for your corporate outing, if it is at a golfing venue we can work in concert with the golf Program Director or Head Professional at the site. For more information please contact us .

" When I went to Dr. Trottier, I was looking for someone who could give me specific exercises to strengthen the weaknesses in my body. I didn't want an overall program, I wanted to know my strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Trottier designed a program that takes very little time and it was simple. All the exercises can be done at home with very little start up costs. I can travel with the equipment and perform all the exercises in my hotel room when on tour. Needless to say I started working on the program last year and it was what helped me have one of my most successful years playing professional golf." - Geoffrey Sisk
Geoffrey Sisk was nominated the 2002 Tour's Player of the Year. In 2006 he was the leading money winner on the New England Pro Golf Tour. (Over $86,000.00)

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" Are Bad Backs The Games Biggest Threat?"
- Mike Stachura
Golf World Magazine, Feb. 2002

"I never used to have much sympathy for people with bad backs. Believe me I do now."
-Colin Montgomerie
2002 Golf World Magazine

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