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At Back to Basics Golf Academy we pride ourselves on our ability to properly teach the kinetic movement needed in golf. Our Certified Doctors work together with your golf swing instructors, to teach the importance of conditioning and golf performance.

If you are a teaching Professional please Contact Us regarding our seminars available to you for continuing education credits or just enrichment and audit. We have found that when teachers work together with our Doctors in the field the students are the winners, because they play better, due to your instruction and our conditioning programs, as well as play with less pain and injury. Please take some time to read more about the Back to Basics Golf Academy .

"See your fitness professional, then see your golf professional, and make sure these two people are the best of friends."
-James Achenbach
Golf Week, 6/14/03

"Dr. Trottier's Back to Basics Golf Health and Fitness Program fills the golf swing education today. Proper swing mechanics, taught by a qualified professional , are essential for improvement, but if physical limitations prevent one from performing a sound swing, the benefits of working on the game are minimized. The program completes the learning cycle, improving the overall experience of golf through enhanced physical capacity. "
- Karen Chase, Teaching Professional

"Pros, Turning To Chiropractors - Should You"
- John F. Lauerman
N.E. Journal of Golf, Spring 2002

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